• Anblogony (a portmanteau of words: anonym and blog) is an informational site published on the internet and consisting of anonymous discrete articles.
There are plenty of reasons why you sometimes need anonymity when writing an article especially when you are trying to say something different. Maybe it is not suitable for you to discuss homosexual topics around people you know, or maybe it is not the best idea for you to complain about your job using your own blog account.

Often, people just register multiple accounts on those popular service providers to switch between identities, but, besides the hassle of constant login and logout, it does not make much of the difference since the system administrator can easily identify which user identities belong to the same person by comparing the system logs.

Let's admit: no system is perfect. There is no computer system that is perfectly secure. Even if such system exists, it is still run by human beings, and human beings are not perfect. By requiring minimal information from you, we keep the damage of the worst case scenario to minimal.

We have no need or plan to expand to other countries, so we will never need to compromise our belief on basic rights for commercial interests.

We hope you can cherish this site and make the world a better place.
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